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Body Balm with Urea 10% 500ml
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Brand: Royx Pro
Balm based on natural ingredients to be used after depilation to prevent ingrown hairs. Rapeseed oil and vitamin complexes A,E and F nourish dry skin, have anti-inflammatory and soothing effects and prevent excessive moisture loss from the epidermis. Papaya extract has an antibacterial, moisturizing..
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Deep Soothing Body Balm 500ml
Brand: Royx Pro
Royx Pro Deep Soothing Body Balm is a deeply nourishing balm based on natural ingredients such as seaweed from the Atlantic Ocean and root of gypsum flowers. The balm soothes dry and irritated skin and immediately reduces itching and redness after epilation. With regular and prolonged use, this body..
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Brand: Royx Pro
This Royx Pro serum has been specially developed for the prevention and treatment of ingrown hair. A delicate care serum based on 2 acids: lipohydroxylic and malic. The presence of malic acid provides the preventive effect. It softens the dead skin cells and makes the skin shed them. Your skin beco..
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Brand: Royx Pro
Royx Pro Sweet SOS soothes sensitive areas after hair removal such as the upper lip, eyebrows, underarms and bikini area as well as the intimate areas. Sweet SOS can be applied to all areas that react to hair removal, such as the arms and legs. It is also ideal for men who have depilated their chest..
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