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Brush Cleaner 500ml
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Brand: Cobra
The Cobra Brush Cleaner is a special cleaner for brushes. Ensures that your makeup brushes clean and hygienic remain. Ready for use. Directions for use: For better maintenance, remove most make-up residue first with water and a very mild soap (type baby shampoo). Then spray the brush cleaner on the..
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Brand: No Label
Trendy storage product made of clear Perspex to store your small material in an orderly and hygienic way and to keep it always ready for use. This plexiglass article is not only practical, it also looks nice in your institute. Dimensions: 145 x 83 x 100 mm. Diameter: 60 mm; 80 mm.Packaging: 1 p..
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Angular Powder Brush
Brand: Abstract®
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Brand: Provoc
Fan shaped brush with premium quality synthetic bristles. Ideal for brushing off blush, highlighter, contour powder, bronzer or loose powder..
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Brand: Cobra
Rounded brush for applying and distributing powder make-up and for adding depth to the face by shading. Made of high-quality goat hair. 1 piece..
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Brand: Cobra
Multifunctional brush for contouring and highlighting the arcade arch. Can also be used as a blending brush if only powder is applied to the tip to create beautiful transitions. Made of soft goat hair of top quality...
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Brand: Cobra
A multifunctional brush that allows you to apply liquid, creamy and powdery textures by means of a circular movement. This brush always gives a very natural result. Made of synthetic bristles. 1 piece..
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Eyeliner Brush
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Brand: Abstract®
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Brand: Cobra
Fine brush to apply liquid eyeliner or details. Made of synthetic bristles...
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Eyeshadow Brush E801S
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