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Rubis® Tweezers

The first Rubis® tweezers were developed over 60 years ago to place ruby stones into watch movements. Today the name is synonymous with authentic Swiss quality. Based on their know-how and experience, Rubis® has been able to profile itself in the field of cosmetology in recent years.

Rubis® is particularly eager to offer to its customers future oriented, impeccable products, as well as a personalized service. That is the reason they are ISO 9001 certified. They are also one of the first companies in Switzerland to receive the SRM 8000 (Socially Responsible Management) certificate - meaning they will not accept any supplier that does not comply with the human conditions laws defined by SRM 8000.

Never has the manufacturing process been so complex and crucial – and at the same time fascinating as it is today. The quality of Rubis® products is the result of applying a combination of the latest technology with speed, an eye on economy and superior traditional workmanship. Modern know-how, flexibility, years of experience, prime quality raw materials, engineering, design and exclusive styling contribute to Rubis® tweezers being in a class by itself.

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