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Starterkits Acryl

Acryl Artist Starterkit +  Dual Wave Study Buddy
Brand: Abstract®
" Aantal Art.# Omschrijving Prijs /st ex. BTW Totaal ex. BTW 1 224590 Antisepta Spray 100ml, Abstract 6,50 6,50 1 120011 Vellentang 4mm, ..
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Brand: Abstract®
This Acryl Starter Kit from Abstract® contains: (1) Perfect Bond 8ml(1) Superior Monomer 200ml(1) Multi Dish(1) Crystal Superior Polymer 15gr(1) Blush Pink Superior Polymer 15gr(1) French White Superior Polymer 15gr(1) Concealer Pink Superior Polymer 15gr(1) Salo..
Try Out Set Superior Polymer
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Brand: Abstract®
The Acrylic Trial Kit is the ideal kit to get acquainted with the Superior Monomer and Polymers from Abstract® Professional Products. The products in this kit will instantly make a superior impression on nail technicians working with acrylics. This Acrylic Trial Kit from Abstract® contains: ..
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