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Rubber Base Gel 15ml

Rubber Base Gel 15ml
Rubber Base Gel 15ml
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Abstract® Rubber Base Gel is a non-soak-off, transparent, flexible base gel that incorporates primer. It is a 2-in-1 product with a medium viscosity.

Rubber Base Gel was specifically developed to be used as a base gel in a gel polish environment. Its main functions are:

  1. Protect the natural nail.
  2. Ensure superior adhesion between the natural nail and gel polish.
  3. Preventing pigments of gel polish from migrating into the natural nail.
  4. Prevent discoloration of the natural nail.

Rubber Base Gel is also the go-to SOS product in a hard gel and acrylic gel environment when you are dealing with oversaturated natural nail plates resulting in general adhesion problems and where the standard Abstract® Procedure is no longer sufficient.

In case you are using Rubber Base Gel, it is UNNECESSARY to apply Perfect Bond (bonder) or Maxi Prime (primer) after the Abstract® Prep Procedure.

Rubber Base Gel is a base gel that is thinly applied and massaged in on the natural nails and/or tips. It is NOT SUPPOSED to build with or to create an apex.

Easy to use for both beginners and advanced users.

Abstract® Rubber Base Gel is Vegan & Cruelty Free.

Product Features

  • Acidic / Acid-free base? Acidic Base.
  • Soakable? No.
  • Viscosity? Medium.
  • Adhesion? Superior adhesion.
  • Flexibility? Highly flexible.
  • Suitable for building? No.
  • Curing times? LED: 60s - UV: 120s.

Tech Tips
If you want to work extremely tight with a Gel Polish, we recommend that after the Rubber Base Gel has cured, to remove the adhesive layer from the surface and free edge with a dry sponge before applying the color.

If you wish to make a nail extension with tips in a hard gel or acrylic environment and use Rubber Base Gel instead of Perfect Bond or Maxi Prime, it is necessary to roughen the surface of the tips with a 180 grit file and make the surface completely dust-free before applying Rubber Base Gel.

Keep in mind that when you use Rubber Base Gel as your base gel, you cannot simply switch to the standard Abstract® procedure without observing the switch step plan.

If a client wishes to have her artificial nails completely removed, we recommend removing 95% of the artificial nails, performing a manicure and applying a protective layer of Rubber Base Gel and Matt Velvet to the natural nail.

If you want to apply another brand of Gel Polish than Abstract® Brush N' Color (read: Hybrid Gel Polish), make sure you have reduced the adhesive layer of the Rubber Base Gel to a minimum to prevent discoloration of the other brand of Gel Polish.

Rubber Base Gel is not suitable to be applied on top of a Hybrid Gel Polish (read: other brand than Abstract®).

Rubber Base Gel cannot be soaked off and must be removed by filing or milling.