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Brand: Megawhite
The Megawhite Blue Fusion Cartridge is a mouthpiece filled with 100% peroxide-free gel that, when combined with a High Power LED lamp, removes tooth discoloration and whitens teeth in just 15 minutes. The bit is a unique design that provides maximum coverage and thorough deep cleaning. The customer ..
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Brand: Megawhite
Megawhite Blue Fusion is an innovative teeth whitening product that provides whiter teeth in just 15 minutes. Use the Megawhite Professional LED Lamp to activate the air pocket technology. The lamp can be adjusted manually to achieve the correct height and distance...
Ex Tax:   €750.00
Windowbanner Megawhite 170x65cm
Brand: Megawhite
Windowbanner with information about Megawhite. Dimensions: 170 x 65 cmSuction cup not included..
Ex Tax:   €10.00 €19.95
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