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Ritual Of Hanami Collection

Ritual Of Hanami Collection
Ritual Of Hanami Collection
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We take you through Eurasia where the cherry blossoms are budding and the Yoshino Cherry is in full bloom. Admire the pink hues of the Sakura Blossom while a number of Flower Petals gently fall upon you. During a Yozakura evening picnic you will undoubtedly be amazed by the Beauty Of Nature. With the desirable color palette of the Abstract® Colors collection Ritual Of Hanami, we celebrate the arrival of spring and the beauty of life.


  • Yozakura 5ml
  • Sakura Blossom 5ml
  • Flower Petals 5ml
  • Eurasia 5ml
  • Yoshino Cherry 5ml
  • Beauty Of Nature 5ml

Meet Abstract® Colors 2.0: maximum coverage in no time at all thanks to its perfected pigmentation and viscosity.

  • 2.0 viscosity is between the previous texture of the color gels and the creamies.
  • 2.0 Requires an application with the Polish Brush (Artist Line).
  • 2.0 application = you take 1/4 gel and place it on the cuticle at an angle of 45°. You work your colour on the cuticle. Then you keep your brush parallel (flat) to the nail and zigzag the colour downwards.