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Harscassette Natural Wax 100gr

Harscassette Natural Wax 100gr
Harscassette Natural Wax 100gr
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Resin with a soothing effect and a soft aroma. Hypoallergenic formula entirely based on Glyceryl Rosinate for hair removal without skin irritations. Its fluid texture and strong adhesion allow this resin to be applied in extra thin layers. Recommended for all skin types and ideal for large areas of the body. The resin does not contain any aromatic extracts, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions and irritable skin.

Derivatives of rosin: Natural pine resin was used for its adhesive properties. Vegetable oil makes the resin flexible, less aggressive and ensures gentle removal of hairs. Mineral oils act as plasticizers in the wax.

Roll-on wax belongs to the category of hot wax, it is applied in extra fine layers and removed with paper strips. Thanks to the roller, you can measure out the product efficiently, making this type of wax extremely cost-effective. It is extra fast and extremely easy to use.

  • Packaging: 100gr

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