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Speed Perfect File 150 grit CORRECT (25pcs/pack)

Speed Perfect File 150 grit CORRECT (25pcs/pack)
Speed Perfect File 150 grit CORRECT (25pcs/pack)
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Discover our new Abstract® Speed Files & Buffers! Even more efficient, even more user-friendly and even more applications with 1 file. Because our new files combine 3 files in 1:

  • Halfmoon file
  • Straight file
  • Manicure file

This allows you to shape, shorten and even perform contour work around the cuticles quickly and efficiently. Our new designs make it clear what the application of the file is in the respective grit that is used. Each file is labeled with the designation for the correct application.

  • 180 grit REFINE to refine the finish and prepare the natural nail.
  • 150 grit CORRECT to correct the overapplied product during the installation of a new set
  • 100 grit REMOVE is intended to thin out or remove an "old" set.
  • 100/180 grit PREP/REMOVE & REFINE gives you the best of both worlds and is designed to remove the 'old set' (100) on the one hand and to perfect the nail surface on the other (180)
  • 180/240 grit PERFECT to correct the artificial nail that just needs a little extra help


Go to the next level with the new Abstract® files that have undergone absolute transformation.

  • Top quality, 100% from European soil with a CE mark.
  • Durability, the abrasiveness of the abrasive grit used is very wear-resistant Clog-Free Abrasive, a durable coating was provided to prevent "clogging" or clogging of the abrasive grains
  • Non-Toxic, made from non-toxic raw materials and with dermatologically tested adhesives.
  • Safety First, individual files sterile packed to ensure the safety and hygiene of your customer and a nice bonus for sale.


“Because you and your customer are worth it!“