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Electric Nail Files Manicure

Special cleaning and maintenance spray for the lubrication of hand pieces. To guarantee the good operation of your milling machine, it is recommended to lubricate it daily (depending on use) or for 2 to 3 seconds before each sterilisation cycle...
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Divisible handpiece for milling machine Escort II Pro, Podo Touch, Podomonium Wizzle and Podomonium Ecomonium.To clean and lubricate with handpiece spray...
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Freestoestel 4030 SX2 ingebouwde stofafzuiging Freestoestel 4030 SX2 ingebouwde stofafzuiging
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Brand: Promed
The Promed 4030-SX2 is characterised by its extravagant, modern design and features a featherweight handpiece and a very large filter bag. Thanks to simultaneous suction on the hand piece while working, the risk to your health from exposure to fine dust is reduced. Display showing when the fil..
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Freestoestel Carr-E-File Freestoestel Carr-E-File
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Brand: Abstract®
The portable Carr-E-File routing tool by Abstract® is the perfect tool for innovative nail technicians who do not like cords. Despite its compact and simple design, the device is very powerful. Here are some technical specifications about the motor of the Carr-E-File: M..
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This compact milling machine is an absolute winner in the segment of micromotors for manicure applications. The machine is suitable for both beginners and advanced nail techs and will never let you down. Despite its compact and simple design, the device is very powerful. Micromot..
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Professional cutter with 35,000 rpm with divisible handpiece. For a professional treatment of natural and artificial nails: Speed is adjustable up to 35,000 rpmAutomatic overload protection system (reset function)Variable speed control via foot pedal or on/off switchProtectiv..
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Brand: Gelish®
The Gelish Go File was designed specifically with the needs of the nail technician in mind. The mobile cutter delivers high performance in any environment without having to compromise on power or mobility. The Go-File is also perfect for everything from nail preparation to smoothing and shaping, mak..
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Compact milling machine, suitable for both beginners and advanced nail techs. Micromotor speed: max. 30,000 rpmWeight motor: 882grStepless systemRotation speed can be easily set with the rotary knobGreen indicator light shows that the device is in operationControl knob to change t..
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Brand: Abstract®
The Marathon-3 compact milling machine from Abstract® is an absolute top of the line micromotor for manicure applications. The machine is suitable for both beginners and advanced nail techs and will never let you down Despite the compact and simple design, the device is very powerful. Below are some..
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Freestoestel Mini Cro Freestoestel Mini Cro
The Mini Cro is a cordless dry technique manicurist. Due to its compact size, the Mini Cro is easy to take with you. The rotation speed and direction of the Mini Cro can be adjusted according to the treatment, the maximum number of rotations per minute is 30,000, clockwise and counter-clockwise. The..
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Brand: Abstract®
The milling machine Supreme by Abstract® is a must-have for both the beginning and the advanced nail stylist. This digital micromotor offers absolute luxury and has a professional look thanks to its sleek and compact design. Technical specifications: Micromotor speed: max. 30.000 rpmDigita..
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Brand: Promed
The Promed 1030 is a professional milling machine for the treatment of natural and artificial nails. The speed is infinitely adjustable up to 30,000 rpm. The handpiece is ergonomic, powerful, vibration-free and made of stainless steel. 5 LEDs for speed indicator1 LED for foot pedal indicatorSafe..
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Micro Air 7001-Z
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Brand: Orthofex
The Micro Air dust extraction router is very suitable for pedicures and nail stylists. This appliance has a strong extraction capacity and a 40,000 rpm ultra light handpiece with professional clamping system (router bits not included). It allows both left and right-handed work. The dust bag can be e..
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An indispensable product to maintain your divisible handpiece! This spray prevents dry bearings and the faster wear of bearings, it also keeps the spindle where the cutter clamps in top condition. This universal product is suitable for all types of hand pieces. 1 to 2 times a week oiling will cost y..
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Brand: Promed
Wadding filter bag for Promed milling machine model 4030 SX2. Colour may differ from picture. Packing: 5 pieces..
Ex Tax:   €25.95
These dust caps reduce the amount of dust that gets into your router. Place a dust cap under each router bit as close as possible to the handpiece, but not against it.10 pieces..
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