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Wrapping Film & Liners

Beschermfolie/zak 50pcs
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These user-friendly and disposable bags are ideal to protect the foot end of your treatment chair. Packaging: 50 pieces...
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Brand: Depilève
Protective sachets for paraffin, made of biodegradable material and therefore not harmful to the environment. Thanks to these bags, you can remove paraffin in an easy, clean and hygienic way. Packaging: box of 100 bags..
Ex Tax:   €10.65
Plastic bottom sheet on a roll to protect your treatment chair. Extremely handy! Eco pack of 25 sheets on a rollDimensions per sheet: 200 x 170 cm..
Ex Tax:   €12.25
Spa Liner Box 200pcs/box
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Brand: No Label
These easy-to-use and disposable Spa Liners significantly reduce the risk of bacterial infections, giving your client a clean and safe pedicure at every visit. Packaging: 200 pieces..
Ex Tax:   €15.00 €29.95
Brand: No Label
A roll with 300 meters of transparent film that can be used for any kind of body wrapping. Dimensions: 300m x 16cm..
Ex Tax:   €13.95
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