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Brand: Titania
Skin-friendly dressings made of comfortable latex foam that combat and soothe urticaria between the toes. Thanks to their flexibility, they protect against painful pressure or friction from shoes. Apply to dry, cleaned skin. Packaging: 9 pieces..
Brand: No Label
Fleecy Web is an anti-pressure bandage with a skin-friendly, self-adhesive layer. Fleecy Web is the most widely used anti-pressure bandage. A real must for the practice! An anti-pressure bandage can temporarily relieve pain under the foot or at the hallux valgus. Dimensions: 45cm x 22.5cm x 3mmPac..
Brand: Gehwol
Protects against pain caused by pressure on corns, against corns between the toes and against ganglion. Made of a soft moleskin fabric. Pull off the protective film and stick the plaster around the painful area. Packaging: 9 pieces..
Teenbeschermring Medium (2st) Teenbeschermring Medium (2st)
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Brand: Gehwol
This soft foam ring prevents friction and provides pressure relief for corns, as well as pressure points around the toes. Size: MediumPackaging: 2 pieces..
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Voorvoet- en knobbelkussen met elastische bandage MEDIUM *DIS* Voorvoet- en knobbelkussen met elastische bandage MEDIUM *DIS*
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Brand: Gehwol
This soft and highly flexible elastic bandage incorporates a flexible, highly elastic polymer gel pad in the forefoot area and the big toe area. The pad provides immediate pressure relief and protection. Due to its special shape, it fits into any shoe and is very comfortable to wear. Fixation on the..
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