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Nail Prosthesis

Brand: Gehwol
The Gehwol Nail Repair System is a complete package for nail repair. Working hygienically with this brush with interchangeable bristles will make the difference in the final result of the Nail Repair Treatment...
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Brand: Gehwol
Gehwol Nail Repair Cleaner is used to clean the nails before and after the Nail Repair Gel. Brushes can also be cleaned with the Nail Repair Cleaner. Packaging: 150 ml..
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Brand: Gehwol
Gehwol Nail Repair Gel can be used to repair broken, crumbling or cracked nails. It supports the reconstruction of diseased nails. In addition, it can be used for the fixation of nails. The H grade is a higher viscosity gel, thick and not flared. Apply the gel directly from the tube and model with a..
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