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Fucidin Cream for the treatment and prevention of skin infections. The cream is indicated in the following cases: Skin infections due to germs sensitive to the antibiotic contained in the preparation, such as impetigo, boils, furuncles, inflammation of the cuticle, infection of the hair roots or ..
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Fucidin Ointment is used for the topical treatment of skin infections caused by bacteria sensitive to fusidic acid and for the treatment of infected dermatitis, cuts and abrasions. Apply a small amount of ointment 3 to 4 times a day. Packaging: 15gr..
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Inotyol is a wound healing and disinfecting ointment used for small superficial wounds, abrasions, cuts, ... This ointment makes the skin recover faster and reduces the risk of scarring. Packaging: 90gr..
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Iso-Betadine Dermicum 10% is used for prevention and treatment of skin and mucous membrane infections caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses. Used for prevention and treatment of skin inflammations, disinfection of wounds and treatment of burns. It contains iodine, an antiseptic that kills microbes an..
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Antiseptic, hydrophilic gel that kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and germs for the treatment of burns and wounds. Packaging: 30gr..
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The Neuropen is an effective tool for screening for nerve pain. Peripheral neuropathy cannot be ruled out without regular foot screening combined with symptomatic and clinical assessments. The Neuropen is designed to provide a safe and reliable test Dual function: A pressure test of 10g with Neuro..
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Opsite is an air permeable wound spray that protects the wound from secondary infection from bacteria and fluids. It is permeable to air and water vapour, allowing the wound and surrounding skin to breathe and preventing skin softening. The skin can be washed without damaging the film or the wound. ..
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Peusek Bano is an anti-perspirant deodorant powder for the feet. The simple treatment combats excessive perspiration and the unpleasant smell of sweaty feet. The active ingredients in Peusek Bano deactivate the overactive sweat glands and maintain the natural process. Most other antiperspirant produ..
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The Sanoskin® Cleanser is a wound irrigation solution. It removes debris and micro-organisms, cleans and rinses in a safe way. Attention: do not use as antiseptic. Packaging: 250 ml..
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Sanoskin® Melladerm Plus is a wound gel with honey for the treatment of superficial (contaminated) chronic, oncological and/or acute wounds. Melladerm Plus contains 45% honey and is therefore less painful than 100% pure honey (sucks strongly on the wound), but still contains all the antibacterial po..
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