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Electric Nail Files Pedicure

Special cleaning and maintenance spray for the lubrication of hand pieces. To guarantee the good operation of your milling machine, it is recommended to lubricate it daily (depending on use) or for 2 to 3 seconds before each sterilisation cycle...
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Handpiece for Abstract Carr-E-File...
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Micro Air 7001-Z
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Brand: Orthofex
The Micro Air dust extraction router is very suitable for pedicures and nail stylists. This appliance has a strong extraction capacity and a 40,000 rpm ultra light handpiece with professional clamping system (router bits not included). It allows both left and right-handed work. The dust bag can be e..
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Brand: Orthofex
The Ortho-Spray is a wet technique pedicure motor. Because the reservoir is at the front, you can always see if there is still fluid present and the reservoir can easily be refilled. The atomization is fine and easy to adjust. The fine misting has a cooling effect which reduces the burning sensation..
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The Podo Touch with spray is a high quality pedicure motor. The housing is made of aluminium which is very durable. The touch screen colour LCD provides intuitive menu support with programming options. Includes a large fluid container (250ml) for multiple treatments that is also easily removable for..
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The Ecomonium Plus is a wet technique pedicure motor of which the speed is easy to regulate by means of a luxurious knob that goes up to a maximum of 40.000 rpm. The motor has a LED light at the liquid tank, the tank is removable. Has a silicone lined hose package with a hose length of 160cm. Also f..
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An indispensable product to maintain your divisible handpiece! This spray prevents dry bearings and the faster wear of bearings, it also keeps the spindle where the cutter clamps in top condition. This universal product is suitable for all types of hand pieces. 1 to 2 times a week oiling will cost y..
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The Podomonium Wizzle is a wet technique pedicure motor, where cooling spray liquid enables a long lasting professional pedicure treatment. The Wizzle has an adjustable rotation speed with a maximum of 40,000 rotations per minute, clockwise and anticlockwise. The handpiece of the Wizzle is detachabl..
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Brand: Promed
The Promed 5040-SX2 is a wet-technology pedicure device. It is a high performance device in a compact, lightweight design with a large 410ml water tank. This is easily refillable by a plug-in system. There are four memory buttons for programming individual speeds, the control of the device is via a ..
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These dust caps reduce the amount of dust that gets into your router. Place a dust cap under each router bit as close as possible to the handpiece, but not against it.10 pieces..
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