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Polymer Liquid Silicone 250gr
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Brand: Fresco
This liquid, transparent silicone has a medium elasticity with a low viscosity. Cures upon addition of the Reaktol catalyst to a hard and semi-transparent silicone. Suitable for repairing orthoses or as a binding material with other silicones. Can also be used for covering Tubiton, Tubifoam, gauze, ..
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Brand: Fresco
Fresco Bland-Rosé is one of the softest silicones on the market for making custom anti-pressure orthoses. It causes no discomfort, is washable, reusable and provides immediate pain relief. The softness of this silicone, along with its high elasticity, makes Bland-Rosé ideal for use with diabetic pat..
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Brand: Fresco
Fresco Orthesil is a hard, orange silicone for making custom-made orthoses. Orthesil can be machined with a cutter and can be mixed with softer silicones. The finished orthosis is washable and reusable. Note: the catalyst (Reaktol) is not included and must be ordered separately. Hardness: Shore A ..
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Brand: Fresco
Catalyst, to be used for curing any kind of Fresco silicone. The normal ratio is one drop of liquid catalyst per gram of silicone. For example, 5 grams of silicone requires 4 to 5 drops of Reaktol, but this can vary from 3 to 7 drops. Note that the harder you want the silicone, the less catalyst is ..
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Brand: Fresco
The starter kit is for professionals who want to learn how to use silicone and try the most popular silicones from the Fresco range. The kit contains two different types of silicone, one soft and one medium hardness, along with a liquid catalyst. An ideal kit to get you started. Kit contents: ..
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Brand: Fresco
A palette knife for preparing and mixing silicone. Contains a flexible and resilient steel blade, encased in a polished, solid wood handle. Dimensions: 15,5cm (total length 26,5cm)..
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