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The magnifier lamp is characterized by a very low power consumption and a long service life of the LED lamps. Thanks to the magnifying glass, you can see the area to be treated enlarged (dioptre x 5) and at the same time have excellent lighting. Includes base on wheels. Technical specifications: ..
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Louvered lamp with a sturdy frame and easily adjustable arm with internal springs. With 60 LED lamps for long lasting comfortable viewing without tired eyes. Supplied with table clamp and equipped with a protective cap for loupe and lamp. Magnification: 3 dioptersLight source: 60 led lampsD..
Ex Tax:   €109.83
Loupelamp Pro Line Loupelamp Pro Line
The Loupelamp Pro Line has a movable arm and comes with a table clamp. Magnification: 3 diopters Provided with protective cap for lamp and loupe.AC 230V 50Hz 22W. Bulb Type 22WG 10 Q. If you want a tripod to go with it, you can choose the Loupelamp Pro Line. This one has to be bought separate..
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Loupelamp Slim Line
The Loupelamp Slim Line is equipped with LED lighting and comes with a table clamp. Magnification: 3 dioptersVoltage: 100-240VPower: 10W If you want a tripod, you can choose the Slim Line Loupelamp tripod. The tripod has to be bought separately...
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Handy support to fix a magnifying lamp to a wall...
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Roller stand for magnifying lamp...
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Rolstatief voor Loupelamp Pro Line
Out Of Stock
Tripod specially designed for Loupelamp Pro Line...
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Holder for a magnifying lamp to be mounted through a table. Maximum thickness of the table or work surface: 4cm..
Ex Tax:   €12.95
Standard table clamp for a magnifying lamp. The maximum thickness of the worktop to which you can attach the clamp is 5cm. The diameter of the recess for the magnifying glass is 1,3cm...
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Brand: Promed
LTM-30 is a compact LED table lamp that is easily adjustable. 30 individual LED lamps provide excellent illumination. 175% magnification while working (3 dpt). Swivel head and arm joints (multidimensional)Cool shadowless illumination for clear, comfortable workingLens size: 4-inch lens (Ø 1..
Ex Tax:   €59.95
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