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Blue Evening Matcha 40gr Blue Evening Matcha 40gr
Brand: Bbody
Your evening route to relax and put aside unhealthy snacks. This product is a REAL gutchanger!Say bye to craving!Kittelflower - butterfly pea - super boost!Happy gut!Usage: 1-2 cups in the evening after dinner. 1 teaspoon of Blue Evening Matcha and mix it with your favorite plant-based milk or disso..
Ex Tax:   €32.97
Chai Pumpkin Spice Latté 90gr
Brand: Bbody
This chai latte pumpkin spice comes from Nepal. In the search for the best Chai in the world, we came across the rituals of Nepal. Chai is considered something healing and healing.Chai is not only good for your immune system and digestion but it is also delicious and can be prepared in many differen..
Ex Tax:   €30.00
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